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4 New Flavors

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Four new seasonal flavors

This winter season we have rolled out into our collection: Holy Rose, Sunny C, Highnoon and Minty Green. This collection of loose teas are great for the winter. Especially for those who are quarantining. Holy Rose taste and visually looks amazing. This tea is adorned with rose buds and the eucalyptus makes this a great sip to end your day. Sunny C is one of the best winter blends on the market due to its orange and grapefruit combination, you can sip on this tea all day especially if you have a little tickle in your throat. Highnoon, OMG, is a staff and tea party fave. This tea always manages to run out. It is hard to keep this in stock due to most people order in large quantities. This loose tea blend consist of green tea, blue pea flowers, yellow-whitish pomelo cubes, and watermelon flakes. This tea starts off blue but once you add lemon it turns purple. Again, this tea is a hot seller when we do our pop-ups. Last but not least Minty Green, this is a great introduction to Chinese gun powder. This is also fan fave, once you taste it you begin to enjoy other green teas due to the American mint. This tea has a beautiful crisp mint flavor.

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