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Do Teas Replace Vaccines?

These days healthcare is a big deal. When there is racial disparities in our health services and Covid-19 cases on the rise people are turning to natural and alternatives to protect themselves during the pandemic. This is not the first time the world has gone through a pandemic. In 1918, Spanish Flu was responsible for 50,000,000 deaths and just like now there were skeptics.

Currently, we have a vaccine. But we're still not out of the weeds, it takes all of us to play a part in stopping the spread of Covid-19. The science is telling us to wear a mask and stay 6-feet apart, and no public gathering of no more than 10 people. Since we are in the flu season it is imperative that we take every measure to stay healthy. Staying hydrated assist in cardiovascular health. Also, it helps in cleansing the body.

Tea is a perfect way to stay hydrated. Hot tea in the morning helps cleanse the body by removing waste and toxins. Tranquilo teas has green teas and ayurvedic blends that assist in help building the

immunity. Although it may not replace vaccines it will help in keeping your immunity in check along with proper diet and exercise. Green tea is known for keeping weight down and antioxidants up. Ayurvedic teas are known to fight off certain viruses. All this being said tea is a great beverage to aid in keeping you healthy, especially during these times.

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