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Tea Life

The Journey Begins Now

As I started my tea life I have been blessed with meeting tea lovers from around the globe. During my travels to China in 2018, I was able expand my appreciation and knowledge for tea. From Bobba tea to traditional green tea, I was able to witness and experience why people enjoy all forms of tea.

Buddha's carved into the foot of a mountain
Temple in Hangzhou

Here at Tranquilo Teas we have a wide variety of green teas to herbal teas. A few fan favorites that come to mind are: Tropical Green, Perfect Pear and Spring Melody. These aromatic green teas not only smell good but also delivers on taste. The fruitiness helps mellow the earthiness of the tea. This season we have in stock the Perfect Holiday, which delivers on taste for the holidays. As you may already know green tea great for beauty, which it combats free radicals. Second, it also assist in weight management and has a medicinal element, which has been recognized by medical professionals. World wide green tea is recognized as a healthier beverage alternative. Try one of our many green teas today.

Tropical Green Perfect Pear Spring Melody

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